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08-03-15 Bryan Braun

A snapshot into interesting reads from our team.

We use Slack to communicate with each other at Sparkbox, which gives us a place to have conversations and share what we’re learning. One way we prompt these conversations is by having our chat bot stir up our chatroom by asking, “Have you read anything good lately?”

I pulled together a list of our responses over the past year, and confirmed that here at Sparkbox, we have a healthy, varied, reading diet. You can learn a lot about somebody by what they read (which is why I’ve always been fascinated by the reading lists of notable people).

So in case you were curious, here’s some of what we’ve been reading:

Web Technology


Lifestyle / Productivity



We’ve enjoyed asking the question among ourselves, so now we ask it to you. Have you read anything good lately? Feel free to share your reads with us by mentioning @hearsparkbox on Twitter.

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