Selling Design Systems

11-13-20 Ben Callahan

Learn how to sell your design system to your internal team in order to make it an effective, maintained tool for your organization.

We all know the value of a design system, but if you can’t sell the concept to your internal team, you’ll never get it off the ground. In this presentation for Sparkbox’s 2020 UnConference, I help you respond to key pain points, and I also highlight opportunities to get your executive team on board.

After this presentation, I answered more questions about selling design systems. Check out the Selling Design Systems Q&A session here.

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Here are some resources from my presentation:

UnConference: Design System Maturity Model

June 24, 1–4pm EDT

Join Ben Callahan for this free workshop that will reframe the way you think about the people and the processes your design system was built to support. You’ll walk away with strategies for assessing your design system’s current stage, and you’ll discover next steps for maturing it.

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