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Rob Harr on TEN7 Podcast

11-27-19 Sparkbox

Listen as Rob Harr discusses team building, why we apprentice, how to use meaningful language, and more.

”People over process. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Punt to future self. Living the dream.” —Rob Harr

Sparkboxers often hear Rob Harr say many of these “Harr-isms.” These are not just words but are principles he lives by. In this podcast with TEN7, Rob discusses the importance of prioritizing people. He describes how Sparkbox values the people we work with from when they first walk in the door to after they leave the company. This extends to all areas of our business, from the way we run our apprenticeship program to how we adapt our language—choosing “studio” over “agency.”

”I wanted to build an office that attracts people—more like magnets, that people want to be in because there’s good energy, they want to be around people—but still give people the flexibility to be wherever they want.” —Rob Harr

Listen to Rob’s Podcast on TEN7

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