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Meet Julie

05-17-17 Sparkbox

She tackles project management and UX efforts by day and navigates the ukulele and crochet needle by night. Say hello to Julie, our newest project manager.

Sit back for a minute to watch Julie work, and you’ll immediately be struck by her poised confidence and capability. She knows what she’s doing. And what she doesn’t know, she sets out to learn.

This determined vigor breathes life into Julie’s passion for sound UX and skillful project management, and it feeds a diverse range of personal hobbies. She’s a doer. A constant learner. She recently taught herself to crochet, handcrafting Star Wars characters, blankets, a whole nativity scene, and gifts for special people in her life. She gardens—a flower aficionado—and she’s learning to play the ukulele! 

On top of all that, Julie joins the Sparkbox team as our newest project manager, who will also be making waves in our UX efforts.

“I’m committed to making sure our clients have a successful experience, and I’m excited to share my background in UX research and usability testing to help our concepts exceed our users’ expectations.”

Julie first stepped onto web-industry soil after winding her way through an English literature degree to stumble upon a job at a small digital agency. When she found herself in proofreading and copywriting lulls, Julie did what Julie does best: she started looking for additional complexities to master and new avenues through which to contribute. She then undertook the colossal task of manually transferring multiple websites, with thousands of webpages, over to an assortment of content management systems—back before those things could be automated—and she developed a deeper familiarity with the web. 

From there, Julie jumped at an opportunity to join the UX team at that same agency, fully immersing herself in research and usability testing while gaining layers of UX experience in the varied fields of higher education, non-profit organizations, tourism, and healthcare. Recently, she completed her MBA to deepen her business acumen and tackled several freelance customer experience strategy projects as well.

Strumming the chord strings of her knowledge, hunger, and experience, our favorite ukulele player plans to bring a harmonious sound to project management and UX at Sparkbox. We’re big fans, and our clients will be too. Stop over and give Julie a warm welcome.

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