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Meet Heather

10-11-17 Sparkbox

She’s an American muscle car aficionado and a tenacious coder. Meet Heather, our newest spirited developer.

Skill, grit, and sweetness have never made a more pleasant package than they do in Heather, Sparkbox’s newest apprentice-turned-full-time-dev. She’s known around the office for her cheerful attitude, unwavering work ethic, and dedication to doing her work well—and her colorful floral leggings.

Heather’s educational background varies, from psychology to human resources, but it’s clear from speaking with her that her true passion lies with design. Her thirst for knowledge and confident, do-it-yourself attitude allowed her to discover web development when she created a website for her personal business. The design and development crossover possibilities were endless, and this propelled Heather to pursue a certificate in web development from Sinclair Community College. Not long after, she was introduced to Girl Develop It where she gobbled up all the classes she could and was well on her way to a career in building for the web, and loving every minute of it.

Four years ago, Heather learned about the Sparkbox Apprenticeship Program and applied. After being turned down the first time she applied, Heather’s persistent nature and love of learning led her to dig deeper, keep improving and she was accepted into the 2017 class. She’s now a full-time developer and a valuable member of the Sparkbox team, bringing creativity, positivity, and strong web-building skills to client work.

She’s not just a code and design junkie, though. She’s an American muscle car aficionado. “I grew up in a car family, and ended up in a car family,” she admits, and has her own Instagram hashtag (#momzgto) to prove it.

Hop on Twitter to welcome Heather to the web development fold, and make sure you ask her about her connection to Mumford and Sons while you’re at it!

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