Lina in Bureau of Digital: 5 Ways to Invest in Your Project Managers

07-26-19 Sparkbox

Lina highlights five strategies to empower project managers. Read her article on the Bureau of Digital’s blog.

At Sparkbox, we want all of our team members to be healthy and thriving, which is why we prioritize investing in our team members as professionals and as individuals. As a project manager, Sparkboxer Lina Calin knows firsthand how challenging the role of a project lead can be. She knows it may be difficult to figure out how to empower and support project managers. But once you take the steps to invest in your project managers, you help them grow into heroic project leads.

“Put simply, project managers have a big impact on your organization’s bottom line…Healthy project managers contribute to the health of your organization.” - Lina Calin

In this Bureau of Digital article, Lina shares 5 ways organizations can empower their project managers and gives her suggestions on each of those recommendations.

Read the full article from the Bureau of Digital

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