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Katy Bowman on From The Source (Podcast)

06-21-19 Sparkbox

Listen as Sparkboxer Katy shares her journey of becoming a developer and her experiences in the profession with host Michelle Brenner.

“A lot of [my job] involves pairing and working with other developers—both developers who work at Sparkbox, with me, and also developers who work directly for their client. That’s always a lot of fun and a lot of learning.”

Sparkboxer Katy Bowman discusses her career as a developer on an episode of From The Source, a podcast hosted by Michelle Brenner. On this podcast, Michelle invites technology veterans to speak about their jobs and day-to-day challenges.

In this episode, Katy discusses the Sparkbox apprenticeship program, the various projects she has worked on since starting with Sparkbox, and the best ways to start and grow your career as a developer.

“On a day-to-day basis, the skills that I find most essential are my people skills. Definitely, my technical skills are a part of that, but where I work, Sparkbox, we talk a lot about our core values, which are fluency, empathy, and humility. Fluency definitely is about, you know, how to do your job...but empathy and humility are equally as important, if not more so.”

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