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Digital Diversity Days with Karen Catlin at Sparkbox

07-17-19 Sparkbox

Sparkbox will be hosting the Bureau of Digital’s Digital Diversity Days with Karen Catlin on November 13–14 in Dayton, OH. Want to make your workplace more inclusive? Come learn practical actions you can take.

We are excited to announce that we are hosting the Bureau of Digital’s Digital Diversity Days on November 13–14 in Dayton, OH. This event aims to open conversations and identify effective strategies for creating inclusive workplaces and healthy, diverse environments. This event is broken into two days:

Day One: “The Better Allies™ Approach” Workshop with Karen Catlin

Karen Catlin has spent 25 years building software and working as a tech executive. Now, she spends her time advocating for diversity. In this workshop, Karen will share her years of expertise on how to turn the desire for an inclusive workplace into a reality. Sometimes it’s hard to know what actions to take to be a better ally for underrepresented colleagues. So she’ll teach practical steps you can take to shift your company culture and bring about real change:

  • Attract and hire people from underrepresented groups

  • Amplify and advocate for others in meetings

  • Use more inclusive language

  • Provide equitable and effective feedback

  • Disrupt office housework

Day Two: Diversity Leadership Forum

Day two will be a moderated discussion allowing leaders to come together and discuss the challenges of building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Peer-to-peer learning is the focus. There won’t be presenters: just time to organically discuss different perspectives. This day will include breakout discussions to enable you and other attendees to solve problems together. Possible discussion topics could include the following:

  • Creating inclusive workplaces

  • Attracting diverse employees

  • Communication barriers

  • Resistance to change

  • Difficulty in defining diversity

  • Intercultural miscommunication

  • In-group favoritism

Do you strive to make your workplace more inclusive? Come out to one or both of the Digital Diversity Days and leave armed with the practical strategies you need.

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