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08-14-15 Sparkbox

A few thoughts from the leadership of Sparkbox about our industry’s inclusivity problems.

As the leaders of Sparkbox, we have spent the last few months trying desperately to increase our understanding of the inclusivity problems that plague our industry. We’ve learned that privilege and bias are blinding to the realities of these issues. As individuals, and as a company, we want to be part of the solution.

We want Sparkbox to be a place that respects individuals and all that makes them unique. We are looking for ways to increase our awareness and understanding of these issues. We are seeking out opportunities to take action in our local tech community.

We have much left to do, but here are a few ideals we aspire to:

  • We believe that silence is the enemy of progress.

  • We believe individuals must embrace the time and effort required to gain a deeper understanding of these issues. It takes work, a lot of it.

  • We believe those with privilege can help by elevating the voice of those who face these inequalities.

  • We believe in representation for the under-represented.

Finally, we humbly recognize we will make mistakes. But we also recognize that inaction is not enough. We share this with you, not to address a specific situation, but in the spirit of accountability—we need each other to be better. And we encourage you to consider how you can help—for a better industry, for a better Web.

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