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If You Build Right, They Will Come

03-10-14 Sparkbox

We had the privilege of hosting the first Build Right workshops of 2014 at our Dayton headquarters. We loved it and so did our attendees! We’re all polished and ready to bring the love your way. Join us!

We Built It

February 24th and 25th marked the launch of our shiny, new Build Right workshops. We figured, what better place to start than in Dayton, Ohio, at our beloved Sparkbox headquarters. We hosted more than 50 local web geeks for Build Right: Build Responsively and Build Right: Frontend Tooling. We loved every minute of it! And it turns out, our attendees did too. Check out some of the feedback we received.

Build Responsively Feedback

“A most excellent workshop. It was one of the best I’ve been to. The fact you’re willing to share, add to, and lead our web design community is awesome. It takes guts to put it out there, but the reward for you and us is great. Thanks.”

“Really cutting edge. This is the future of the web, and those who master this will be the new standard by which the rest of the industry is judged.”

“I really enjoyed that this covered more than just dev/coding techniques. All of the client, content strategy, pricing, and soft skills were extremely interesting.”

Frontend Tooling Feedback

“I was amazed at how well they knew and could present everything. Great job!”

“I love the frontend dev focus. I haven’t seen these types of details given at any other conference or workshop.”

“Lots of live demos = Awesome. I like the real-time examples. [The speakers] gave a good idea of the pros/cons of the different tools. I really appreciate the effort to include Window’s compatible versions of the tools. I got lots of good ideas/inspirations that I plan to take back to work. I have lots of recommendations for my other team members.”

You Can Still Come

We want to send out one more thank you to our sponsors, who made the event extra special: Ghostlab, A Book Apart, and Wheat Penny. We also want to thank the Dayton Cocktail Company for another delicious round of drinks.

We now have an insatiable appetite to share this Build Right content, and we’re hitting the road with it. Join us in your area!

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