Practicing Functional JavaScript Exercises 1 & 2 (Video)

01-06-20 Yosevu Kilonzo

Need some help practicing functional JavaScript? Yosevu has created a series of exercises to help you level up your skills—find resources and video walkthroughs here.

Practicing Functional JavaScript helps you level up your functional programming skills. Working with functions is the best practical place to get started with functional programming and a great way to practice patterns that can be used in any code base. Understanding concepts like function composition and referential transparency is more useful when you can recognize them through repeated exposure to the patterns in specific examples.

Follow the link below to find all of the exercises in Github. Practice on your own or follow along with these video walkthroughs for exercises 1 and 2. Check back on The Foundry for the other solutions to these functional JavaScript problems!

Learn more about Practicing Functional JavaScript

Get started: git clone [email protected]:yosevu/practicing-functional-javascript.git

Solution to Exercise 1: Hello World

Solution to Exercise 2: Two Fer

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