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Ben Callahan on How to Build Long-Term Client Relationships

10-25-19 Sparkbox

Listen to the Marketing Mentor Podcast to hear how Sparkbox builds long-lasting client relationships.

“I’ve tried to understand, why is it that our customers have come back to us? I always think they are going to say it is because ‘the work is so amazing’ or ‘you met all our deadlines’. It always comes back the same. They always just say ‘We just like working with you.’”

In a follow-up to his first appearance, Sparkbox founder Ben Callahan shares client relationship-building strategies in the latest episode of The Marketing Mentor podcast. Listen in as Ben and host Ilise Benun discuss some keys to client retention, such as collaborative thought leadership, client mentorship, and respectful communication. Ben also expands on many of these ideas in his Be Better series.

“That exercise of inviting the folks into the conversation is huge for us. We ask very intentionally, who is it that could cause this project to fail? We want to talk to that person. This idea is that I want this person to go from being the saboteur to being the advocate for this work. If we can make that happen, then we can make anything happen. It really is about the relationship….it is about giving them a voice...The answer is always communication.”

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